Case Study | Qatar World Cup 2022

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Make your stay as enjoyable and memorable as possible

The 2022 World Cup in Qatar presents new and varied challenges for organisations and individuals ensuring they stay safe and secure during their visit.

Never before has the competition been held in one city, or in a country as small as Qatar. Over the period of the event itself, Qatar’s population will effectively double with all the associated strain on infrastructure this entails.

Whether you are in the midst of planning, touching down at Hamad International Airport, or managing the day-to-day requirements of delegates in Qatar; Matterhorn can provide practical information and support for your planning and visit needs.

‘Unlike previous tournaments, all of the matches in the 2022 World Cup are to be held within a 30-mile radius of one city. This means virtually all the fans for the competing nations will be staying in Doha, the capital. This is unprecedented, and potentially a catalyst for trouble.’

Why use Matterhorn security for the Qatar World Cup 2022?

  • We understand local challenges and how best to craft solutions
  • We understand cultural nuances
  • We reduce the need and costs for in-country planning visits
  • We draw on 35 years of local knowledge and relationships
  • We support you through our existing local infrastructure (Regional Watch Centre) and mid-event capabilities (Event Command Centre)
  • We unlock access to premier transport and accommodation

Our multi-disciplinary team of in-house experts is drawn from the top of their respective fields, with experience in Corporate Medical Assistance, Corporate Security and Risk Management, Military, Police and Security Services, Global Event Management and Industrial Risk Management.eo.

With Matterhorn’s intelligence-driven insights and tailored support, you can plan your visit to the Qatar World Cup 2022 with confidence

With Matterhorn’s intelligence-driven insights and tailored support, you can plan your visit to the Qatar World Cup 2022 with confidence

Pre-event planning

  • Local insight and intelligence reporting from Qatar
  • IMPACT alert service
  • Operational planning and risk management consultancy
  • Local logistics support
  • ESG consulting

Event support

  • Access to Matterhorn World Cup 24/7 control centre
  • Access to event alerts service (via app)
  • Access to a health, safety and security guide for travelling guests
  • Speak to a dedicated consultant
  • Client desk and integration

Bespoke Services

  • Airport meet and greet
  • Premier vehicles and drivers
  • Executive protection
  • Access to high quality accommodation for project team
  • Project managers
  • Hotel security assessment reports
  • Concierge and chaperone service for travelling guests
  • Logistics support
  • Equipment and material

‘It was clear to us that we were going to need a new and refined approach to managing our people and brand risk for this event. We chose Matterhorn to assist us based on the quality and accuracy of their local information, strong relationships and demonstrated ability to support us on the ground in Qatar.’

Regional Head of Security, International Banking Group.

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