‘Like the eagle, we aim to be courageous and stretch our limits. Look at things from a new, higher perspective and become more and more tenacious in what we do.’


Nicholas Conway


Nick Conway is the current CEO of Matterhorn LLC and one of its original founders, having previously held leadership positions throughout Asia and the Middle East.

Prior to Matterhorn, Nick was the founder and CEO of a successful industrial services business, specialising in providing technical services in high-risk environments throughout the world.

Operationally-oriented, Nick has decades of experience in leading teams of experts to ensure global organisations meet their risk and compliance requirements throughout a wide range of sectors. In addition, Nick currently holds a number of NED, chair and advisory positions for various private-equity backed SMEs.

Areas of expertise:

  • Leadership of global workforce: Europe, MENA, Asia Pacific and the Americas
  • Complex environment operational and risk management: Heavy engineering, offshore drilling and production
  • Corporate compliance & governance: Managed and reported within list Co, private equity and corporate landscapes
  • HSEQ management and compliance within heavily regulated sectors
  • Geographical Expansion in the MENA region
  • Board level advisory for private equity backed businesses
  • Full PE investment cycle and business acquisitions

Dan Rogers


Daniel Rogers is one of the founders of Matterhorn LLC and the current COO, he has held leadership positions in Energy Service Cos and an International Trade Association, for specialist industrial services providers.

Daniel was a Director and partner in a successful O & G service business, operating in Asia, ME & Brazil, offering specialist training and technical services to offshore production and drilling organisations. He has extensive experience in building and implementing effective operational business processes both in leadership and consultancy roles and working in high risk environments.

Areas of expertise:

  • Development and implementation of organisational standards for risk management, safety and competence
  • Responsible for ensuring risk and operational compliance for a global organisation in heavily regulated sectors
  • Reporting into list Co, corporate and private equity management
  • Managing International operations and expansion
  • Specialist auditing and business certification
  • Chair and advisory for international safety body
  • Chaired internal crisis response committee

Tom Major


Tom has worked for over 30 years in the military and private sectors in complex environments around the world, most notably in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Following 9 years as a infantry officer in the British Army – with active service experience gained during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland and the Bosnian civil war – Tom spent several years working in the Oil & Gas sector as a security manager in North and West Africa, the Middle East and Central Asia helping clients navigate the complexities of doing business safely against the backdrop of terrorism and civil war. Additionally, he spent several years helping Infrastructure, Mining and Oil & Gas clients manage their remote site health and crisis & security risks across South Asia, South East Asia and North Asia.

Over the past 10 years Tom has held regional and global leadership roles in crisis management, business continuity and technology risk in the Financial Services sector based in Singapore and London and in senior risk consulting roles to the Media and Aviation sectors based in the Middle East.

Areas of expertise and leadership experience:

  • Corporate crisis management and resilience frameworks and implementation
  • Crisis response & communications to multiple significant events including natural & nuclear disasters, armed conflict, disease and terrorism
  • Crisis leadership training
  • Global corporate security team and program leadership
  • Remote site and complex environment security programs and field work
  • Remote site medical service operations (on-shore and off-shore)
  • Conflict mediation & negotiation

Our Team of Experts

Our multi-disciplined operations team are drawn from the top of their respective fields and come from the following backgrounds:

  • Corporate medical assistance experts
  • Corporate security and risk management experts
  • Experienced military, police and security services veterans.
  • Global event management experts
  • Industrial risk management experts

Matterhorn’s competitive advantage lies not just in the pedigree of the team but its strong internal dynamics and flat structure which allow us to fuse our expertise effectively.

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