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Matterhorn is delighted to announce its recent onboarding of a significant energy services contractor. The agreement sees Matterhorn’s regional watch centre and in-country analysts supporting the client with their operational awareness, strategic risk planning and diligence centred around upcoming projects, including major tenders relating to the historic North Field Expansion. Matterhorn’s focus is delivering intelligence products to support strategic corporate planning, risk-management and operational decision-making.

The article below provides some context to the offering…

In 2002, the United States Armed Forces ran a comprehensive exercise simulating a conflict in the Persian Gulf:

Millennium Challenge 2002 – Wikipedia

Millennium Challenge 2002 (MC02) was a major war game exercise conducted by the United States Armed Forces in mid-2002. The exercise, which ran from 24 July to 15 August and cost US$250 million (equivalent to about $360M in 2020), involved both live exercises and computer simulations. MC02 was meant to be a test of future military “transformation”—a transition toward new technologies that ….read more

This episode demonstrates that even extremely well-resourced entities (such as the US DoD), can be completely unsighted to, and therefore unprepared for a disruptive reality in the Gulf region
As we speak, one of the largest LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) development projects in history is underway. Qatar Petroleum is undertaking what is known as the ‘North Field Expansion’ (NFE), which is the development of the world’s largest gas field. This project is momentous for a number of reasons, not least because LNG will act as a key bridging fuel towards renewables and will also still be relevant when more renewables come online for its role in delivering extra capacity at key times (known as ‘peak shaving’). 
Both NFE and the subsequent NFS (North Field South) projects will be geographically located in the Persian Gulf, in the territorial waters shared between Qatar and Iran. For this reason, the successful delivery of the project, LNG production operations and all LNG transportation will be completely dependent on the geopolitical environment in the region.
For this reason, Matterhorn is developing a highly specialised political and defence analysis product to ensure that our clients will never be surprised by the constantly evolving situation.

One key differentiator for Matterhorn is the disruptive background of our personnel, meaning that we are able to identify threats and analyse risk in a way which more conventional organisations are simply unable to do. For this reason, we only select individuals who as well as having the requisite skillsets and knowledge base, have the unconventional frame of mind which is necessary to pick the data points which matter.

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