Matterhorn launches its program of services to support customers at major sporting events in the Middle East and North Africa


Doha, Friday, 30th April 2021

Matterhorn, a boutique Doha-based risk management and security analytics consultancy operating throughout the MENA region, officially launches its programme of services today. These services are offered to clients in the US, MENA, EU and APAC with three subscription packages to support businesses, travelling executives and their guests in the run up to future sporting events.

The packages offer a combination of health, safety, logistics and security advice to companies attending events with staff and clients. They incorporate cultural and behavioural insights, as well as safety and security views on transportation, accommodation and health infrastructure. In addition, Matterhorn leverages its existing local partnerships to obtain premium accommodation and vehicles for any event.

During any event, Matterhorn will provide customers with access to their in-country event command centre that will link in with key agencies. The command centre will be manned by local subject matter experts to support operational decision-making with real-time intelligence whilst at the same time providing an effective emergency response and coordination service in the event of both minor and major incidents.

“Large corporate and media organisations from around the world can benefit from our local knowledge and planning support with access to our active 24/7 Watch Centre.”

nicholas conway, matterhorn
Nicholas Conway, Matterhorn CE

With over 25 years of experience of working within Qatar and the wider MENA region, Matterhorn draws on an extensive knowledge of local operating requirements and nuances. Matterhorn provides key operational risk baseline insight reports, monthly impact reports including real time key planning updates as they occur – plus logistic and incident alerts during any event itself. In combination with providing access to premier transport and accommodation, this information, planning and support service is attracting the interest of clients from around the world.

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