‘The partnership of falconry has a unique character. The falcon’s return from its independent flight expresses trust and confidence.’


Digital analytics, human deductions.

We live in a world of accelerating complexity which requires evolving solutions for understanding. The liminal space is where we need to reside in order to remain competitive. Luckily we have the advantage now of new skills and new tools which assist us in making sense of the world.

Matterhorn has developed a methodology to help you navigate, focus and make use of relevant information in a world where processing and interpreting data is increasingly complex. Our expertise in collection, analysis and modelling provides your organisation with an ‘over the horizon’ capability, giving you sight of threats and opportunities.

Matterhorn’s information services are divided into two key mutually supporting functions


Matterhorn’s intelligence products are key to successfully operating in the MENA region. We set up this service because we found that what was on offer was largely drawing from a closed information ecosystem whose products didn’t actually assist us when we were operating on the ground. For that reason, we have a proprietary collection and threat integration strategy which avoids this common problem. We also specialise in a narrow geographical sphere and focus on political, defence, security and cultural topics in order to guarantee that the deductions we make are accurate and meaningful.


Matterhorn Intelligence offers the following services:

  • Geopolitical risk analysis
  • Defence and security risk analysis
  • Cultural analysis
  • Threat integration


Our globalised world means that it is rare to find a deal which isn’t transnational. This multiplies the potential risks which those structuring a deal need to understand. The MENA region is particularly complex due to the added element of linguistic and cultural barriers. Matterhorn’s analysts are highly specialised by business activity and by geography, in some cases working exclusively on a particular province of a country. It is this level of specialisation which is required in the MENA region to analyse the value of a transaction or to uncover its pitfalls.

Matterhorn Diligence offers the following services:

  • Security, safety and health compliance investigation
  • Targeted business or individual threat assessments
  • Partner screening
  • Supply chain ESG
  • Know your customer

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