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Matterhorn provide rapid information and analysis for operational and emergency decision making.

Matterhorn has been working with clients for the past two years to assist them in preparing for the 2022 World Cup. Over the course of these activities, it has become clear that a recurring area of concern will be the highly congested operational area and intense competition for resources, arising from the historically unprecedented decision to effectively hold the entire tournament in one, medium-sized city. These issues will be exacerbated by a lack of reliable channels through which information is shared.

For this reason, Matterhorn has developed a service which will focus on alleviating these issues by creating an ecosystem of timely and well-curated information, fed in by reliable sources at key points across the city and widely disseminated in an intelligible format. This service will be an essential tool to support decision-making in a highly dynamic environment.

Key features of our support

The Rayvn platform

  • A trusted critical event management tool used by large organisations throughout the world.
  • User-friendly mobile app and secure cloud-based solution
  • Allows communication between user and control room
  • Push alerts and user group engagement
  • Validation of information by Matterhorn control room

Matterhorn control room and local experts

  • Analysts/experts – In-country, experienced, Arabic speaking
  • Monitoring
  • Premium support

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