Are you prepared for your visit to Qatar?

world cup security and risk management

Now that the final draw for the World Cup has been completed and with less than six months to go before the tournament starts, Matterhorn are ready to assist you with key event planning and logistical requirements.

The world cup will present new and varied challenges for organisations committed to ensuring employees and guests attending the event remain safe and secure. The unique cultural landscape that a small country such as Qatar presents means that a refined approach is needed. A refined approach from a Risk Management Specialist who is based ‘in-country’. If the risks specific to an organisation and its guests are not properly understood and managed, it may leave your organisation and people vulnerable and could impact your ability to meet duty of care obligations.

From bespoke risk management consultancy and security services to support with accommodation and transportation, Matterhorn should be your partner of choice to ensure operational effectiveness and duty of care.

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