‘Drawn to its majestic shape, with the four sides facing the four cardinal directions, travellers have remained in awe of the Matterhorn for millennia.’


Matterhorn provides risk management consultancy powered by sophisticated security analytics in order to deliver event and project solutions and to support decision making in the MENA region.

It was founded in Qatar by a team comprising successful entrepreneurs and experienced ex-military security professionals. Headquartered in Qatar, Matterhorn provides a complementary blend of international and regional experience, cultural insight and local capability.


Qatar’s geographic location and status as an advanced transport hub make it an ideal base for supporting operations throughout the MENA region. As well as having good internal security and infrastructure, the country plays a key role in the politics of the region. For that reason, it is an excellent place for meeting key people and understanding the trends and decisions which ripple out to influence events. By positioning ourselves at this centre of power we are able to provide our clients with timely insights, ahead of the crowd.

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